The cultivation of prolific walnut varieties brings a steady income for many years. At the very beginning of the organization of activity, it is necessary to understand the nut varieties,…

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What freelancers need to know about self-employment
Working in the shade for a digital sphere freelancer is a common thing. If the tax authorities come and check, then to a neighbor who bakes cakes or makes nails,…

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How to start telling consumers the truth and not go broke
On the fence, like on the Internet, a lot of things are written. But uncovering a hoax on a network full of information is easier. The Internet is a worldwide…

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Football is everyone’s favorite, useful, interesting game. Paid field for mini-football is a rather promising business idea, but in the presence of start-up capital. To open this kind of business you need:
land (the size of the parameters for the field for mini-football);
necessary sports facilities and equipment (gates, changing rooms, showers, small stands if desired).
A healthy lifestyle is always relevant for everyone. Carry out an experiment – on social networks interview all your friends who are ready to run on a good paid field for indoor soccer. I am sure that even girls will be among those who wish. For a modest fee, even if $ 3 for three hours, there are always and everywhere who want to play football. Better than spending money on beer, improving your health with football. For you, as for a landlord of a paid mini-field, this is not at all a modest fee. In football, the team has 11 people. Two teams per hour of the game will bring you $ 22. Every weekend two three matches is already a substantial income per month. In addition, you can earn on weekdays. If you make a small advertisement for a paid football field, you can get customers every day. Together with the paid field, you can additionally receive income from the rental of space for banners of advertisers, sports brands. Continue reading


Today, quite a few people use new recipes and are engaged in the production of natural soap from a soap base at home and at the same time, some of them can make a fortune. But the market for making handmade soaps is still very small. The production of soap and the development of recipes is a very exciting and creative process, although quite simple. A lot of people do this as their hobby. But you are an entrepreneurial person, you should start thinking as a business person in order to improve your chances of increasing income. You can sell a bar of soap for $ 4 with a cost of $ 1, you can potentially make some profit. The price was $ 6 even better. But selling soap can be challenging enough to get good soap recipes at such high prices. You are an effective marketer, you will learn how to sell handmade soap from a soap base, you must control the costs, you will be able to get good income. You must come up with your new cooking recipes, promoting ideas while giving your soap a competitive uniqueness. For example, soap with aphrodisiacs. From the beginning, let’s take simple recipes for making soap, which we will improve later. Continue reading

Problems at the start of a business: where to lay straws, opening a business

When launching a new project, we think more about prospects, financial independence, success, benefits for the world, rather than about problems. A positive attitude is important. Without it, it’s not worth starting.

But it’s even more important to soberly assess the situation, anticipate difficulties and plan a few steps forward. I myself got bumps, starting my own business and I’ll tell you about some difficulties from my own experience. To make the selection more objective, I asked around on social networks and left only those problems that other entrepreneurs spoke about. She also took comments from a representative of a small business, who himself went through most of the typical difficulties and agreed to honestly tell how he had it.

The article will be useful to those who are just starting a business or just planning, because warned – means armed. Go!

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Production of quail eggs in bulk at home
A very simple and effective business idea is offered to your attention: the production of quail eggs and the cultivation of Japanese domesticated quails for meat. With the appropriate number…


The business idea of ​​a home mini-bakery is very attractive from many angles. On the one hand, there is a high demand for manufactured products. Demand for food will always…


Crammed bumps: how I looked for work since 99, business rake and quarrels with relatives
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“Hack” procrastination: how do I do work that I don’t want to do
We think we are sentient beings. We even believe that we have a certain “I” that has constant and unchanging qualities. Allegedly, today we are "I", yesterday they were, tomorrow…