A high-yielding method of growing strawberries on bags. Growing strawberries in bags is a new business idea that actively justifies high profitability. The progressiveness of this idea is that it…

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How to start telling consumers the truth and not go broke
On the fence, like on the Internet, a lot of things are written. But uncovering a hoax on a network full of information is easier. The Internet is a worldwide…

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10 reasons why the boss is to blame for the laziness and curvature of employees
Finding a good employee is hard, right? Like the employer. Over the eight years of my working experience, I managed to work in six companies and in three of them…

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We offer you a rabbit breeding business. The concept of rabbit breeding is quite obvious. The consumer’s great interest in rabbit meat is of interest to the producer, who begins industrial breeding of rabbits at the basis of business organization. Judge for yourself. Rabbit meat is the most healthy meat in the world. It is proved: not one meat on the planet ce contains how much protein, how much rabbit meat, not one meat contains as little cholesterol and fat as rabbit. Taste of rabbit meat at a high level with tasters. Therefore, the industrial breeding of rabbits is of particular interest to the consumer segment in the restaurant industry. There are facts about the benefits of a rabbit diet. If you eat rabbit meat with vegetables for two weeks, you will forget about the ulcer. Not for nothing in Chinese mythology, the rabbit is a companion of the goddess Chan-e, who on the moon crushes the elixir of immortality in a mortar. Nutritionists recommend rabbits to allergy sufferers, it can be given even to children up to a year old. In comparison, beef is assimilated in humans by 62 percent, rabbit meat by 90 percent. Rabbit liver and kidneys are recommended for severe various forms of diseases. Rabbit tongue is a healthy and delicious delicacy. Continue reading

Mistakes in finances that put a business at risk

Here the entrepreneur opened a business. Developed a product in demand, conducted market research, found its target audience. He went through packaging courses and made a cool website, hired cool sellers.

And in less than three years the company closed. That’s the end of the tale.

And this is not fiction, but statistics: 97% of small businesses are closed within three years. Most likely, the percentage would have been much lower if, in addition to sales, innovation, marketing and packaging, entrepreneurs paid more attention to finance. Therefore, we asked the chief editor of “Neskuchny Finances” Ilya Eremin to help understand the financial nuances of business. His word!

Mistakes in finances that put a business at risk
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“You are a marketer, I trust you” – how the business wanted to enter a new market, but in the end lost the website and money

Trusting people is good. But if you have a business, do not do it better. The article describes the real story of how a gullible businessman made a number of mistakes that cost him dearly:

I designed the site and social networks for another person, because of which I had to create everything anew.
I did not conclude a contract with specialists, ran into a fraudster, lost money.
I did not want to help the marketer in the work on the project – I leaked money and delayed the deadlines for the project.
I did not prepare the sales department to launch a new service – I lost customers.
This article will be useful for businessmen who are promoting on the Internet or want to do it.

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Business inside the business: personal projects of employees threaten the company (no)
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