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How to make money on the Internet for a beginner: proven methods and pitfalls

For the past 8 years, my work has been connected with Internet projects. All this time I interact with people who make money on the Internet (or the Internet gives them the main stream of customers, without which they could not earn).

Let’s immediately agree that “making money on the Internet” is any activity that would not be possible without the Internet and involves work. The article will not contain materials about hi-tech, high-tech and risk-free ways to earn cryptocurrency mining on an old smartphone, which give 30% per week, you only need to …

Earnings on viewing ads, videos on YouTube, on games, likes, reposts, following links and so on
How to earn not immediately, but a lot. How and how much you can earn on a freelance beginner
Social networks, personal blog
Opening and launching an online business
Internet sales
Dropshipping Earnings
Work with affiliate programs (earnings on affiliate programs)
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Myths about passive income and “do what you like”
I will start by debunking the two main myths that future Internet millionaires face.

Passive income on the Internet
It does not exist. For beginners – with almost one hundred percent probability.

Hypothetically, this situation is possible if you have an Internet project that brings money that is enough to support the development team and the life of the project owner. This is the most approximate scheme to dreams like “I will live beautifully, and money will drip from the Internet.” True, for this you will have to:

Find a profitable niche that will not collapse in a couple of years, such as offline DVD rental (or will not fall from year to year, like bookstores).
Start delegating.
As much as possible to systematize and put on the project (or projects) the team and the manager.
Point 2 may be the last, if this is not a startup model, but an online business like an online store for a network of ordinary stores.

If you have no experience, no money, no ideas and understanding how money is made on the Internet, and you all want to do it yourself – forget about the idea of ​​passive income. In any case, you will have to work – and a lot.

The most interesting – most likely, you will like it. And you will enjoy the work. And when it really becomes possible to sit and spit on the ceiling – you are unlikely to do so.

Why will I never return to freelance?
Do what you like – and the money will be
This is not a 100% fairy tale, I would say that it will be more accurate: “Do what you like, then deal with what you don’t like, and maybe there will be money.”

An example from life. My fisherman friends have an online store. They love fishing. And they sell fishing goods. But they have to deal with suspended payments, and with the introduction of an online cashier, and with the installation of an SSL certificate for the site, as well as website promotion, contextual advertising, suppliers, programmers, couriers, returns and a lot of questions.

And such examples from the inner circle can be typed with a dozen.

Welcome to the real world
Before moving on to listing and reviewing publicly available earning options, read two more small but important sections. On the legality of earning and quick money. The first is especially important.

Color gradations
“When a society has no color differentiation of pants, then there is no purpose! And when there is no goal, there is no future! ”

To summarize, all ways to make money on the Internet are divided into 3 large groups.

White Ways – Legal Ways to Make Money on the Internet
This includes everything that fully complies with the laws of the country in which you live, the laws of the country in which you earn (often these are different countries), and it is highly desirable – moral and ethical standards.


A personal blog or website with earnings on which you pay all taxes, and in which you do not advertise junk because you respect your audience.
A group on a social network or a site where you charge for posting other people’s ads for the sale of something.
Any way where the Internet is the main channel of clients for offline business (online store, tutoring services, company website).

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