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Where they teach business: formats and programs of business education with the comments of graduates

I analyzed the proposals of business schools, universities, centers of continuing education, online platforms and programs for supporting small businesses. Then she identified 8 ways to get the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary to launch, develop and increase the effectiveness of her business.

Features, programs, prices – in this article.

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When you need comprehensive training
MBA programs
An MBA is considered a prestigious degree in the business community. However, for the sake of “status”, mostly hired workers study – top management and those who seek to grow up to it. Entrepreneurs and business owners go for experience, knowledge and networking. Actually, this is the essence of classical business education – students in an interactive format exchange experience, sort cases, solve difficult business situations from the practice of their companies.

There is nothing for “yesterday’s students” to do here – the programs are designed for people with experience in business or leadership who want to pump their skills, understanding of global business processes and managerial skills. Admission requires a university degree and at least 2 years of managerial experience; for some programs, from 5 to 7 years.

Depending on the goals and initial data of the listener, there are different categories of programs.

Types of MBA Programs
General – train managers of a wide profile.
Specialized – programs for studying individual business areas.
Industry – focused on specific niches and suitable for those who want to develop in them.
Functional – for the development of the heads of individual departments.
Global – programs for owners and top managers of international and multinational companies.
Executive – training of high-level managers with extensive experience.
The content of the program depends on the school and type of MBA. It may include classes on:

basic disciplines – “General management”, “Financial markets”, “Management economy”, etc .;
practical management tools – “Negotiation Technique”, “Leadership”, “Project Management”, etc .;
special disciplines – “Crisis Management”, “Digital Transformation of Business”, etc .;
disciplines of specializations – “Management Psychology”, “Strategic Finance”, “Entrepreneurship”, etc .;
special courses – “Business Etiquette”, “Business Process Management”, “TRIZ Technologies in Management”, etc.
Each program ends with the development of a graduation project. The curriculum in prestigious schools also includes a foreign module – several days of study in one of the foreign schools.

The duration of training depends on the chosen school and program, is 12-25 months. In addition, many schools offer accelerated training for managers with an economic or managerial higher education. Dates are reduced due to the offset of previously completed disciplines.

Format. In Europe and the United States, full-time and daytime studies are more likely to be quoted. However, in our country it is a rarity – it is too difficult to combine with work. Typically, business schools offer one or more formats to choose from:

parttime – classes are held several times a week in the evening and on weekends;
modular – remote format with face-to-face sessions for 3-4 days once a month;
completely remote and online.
The cost of training greatly depends on the particular school, format, program, teaching staff, the availability of foreign experts and foreign modules. Prices range from 200-300 thousand rubles. for the General MBA online in the private center of continuing education up to 1.5–2 million for the Executive MBA in the prestigious business school of the state academy.
Vaulina Daria
owner of the Anglomania network of foreign language schools and Hard English online courses
I went to study for the Presidential Executive MBA program in order to expand my circle of contacts, find like-minded people and interesting new people with whom I would like to be friends or work with in the future. I chose Synergy because many of my Facebook friends teach there – Patyrev, Ryzov. I know that this is a powerful school with serious speakers.

We have gathered a very strong group. Networking was the best thing about the course. Therefore, the expectations of finding interesting new people came true. The training helped to understand business structure and scaling. My overall business vision has changed, because I saw people with very large companies. This made it clear that I still have room to develop. I understood where I want to grow and what I can achieve in 5, 10 and even 20 years. I also liked the visiting module in Dubai – we met with the UAE not as tourists, but as students.

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