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“You are a marketer, I trust you” – how the business wanted to enter a new market, but in the end lost the website and money

Trusting people is good. But if you have a business, do not do it better. The article describes the real story of how a gullible businessman made a number of mistakes that cost him dearly:

I designed the site and social networks for another person, because of which I had to create everything anew.
I did not conclude a contract with specialists, ran into a fraudster, lost money.
I did not want to help the marketer in the work on the project – I leaked money and delayed the deadlines for the project.
I did not prepare the sales department to launch a new service – I lost customers.
This article will be useful for businessmen who are promoting on the Internet or want to do it.

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The company is a local monopolist, organizes children’s parties in B2B and B2G segments (kindergartens, schools, shopping and children’s centers, city events). Sales go through repeated customer calls, cold calls or sarafan. The site and social networks do not bring anything.

The company wanted to enter the B2C market, the audience was mothers. The organization has had children’s holidays at home for 4 years. They tried to promote – it did not work. They turned to me.

After the audit, we decided to redo the design of the site and social networks (it was outdated), update the information. The budget is 100,000 rubles.

We made a contract and problems started almost immediately. The company did not know how to work with contractors, did not understand the new market. The main motto of the owner:

“We pay you, trust, do it yourself.”

When we trust but do not check
This phrase has been the cause of many customer issues. He understood this when the time had already been stretched and spent twice as much budget than originally planned.

The site and social networks were designed for a person who has not worked in a company for a long time
The client decided not to delve into the work, trusted the former marketer. He designed the site, social networks and left.

We fought for a long time to regain community rights. Access to the site and re-registration were not achieved.

The client does not have access to his own site – I had to make a new one.

Delve into the work of contractors, arrange everything for yourself, store access and passwords in several places so as not to lose – this will help you save money, time, nerves in the future and save your business.

When I did not design the site for myself
It will be cheaper and safer to entrust the business to an experienced specialist or agency with a good reputation. In TexTerra, for example, an integrated approach to promotion, a profitable and reliable model – pay for the result.

The company did not conclude a contract with contractors, everything was based on trust
To make a new site, the client decided to save money – he found the programmer cheaper, discussed the problem, paid the fee, but did not conclude an agreement.

The programmer escaped with money, did not work.

We found a new artist, concluded an agreement with him, but had to pay again.

The company wanted to save, but it turned out that it paid for the work twice.

Conclude an agreement with all performers, so you will be protected by law. If you work with a marketer, entrust him with the search for specialists. It may be more expensive, but it will bring trusted people and monitor their work.

There was no person who knows the business and can provide the necessary information
We put together a team. For work, materials and information on the project are needed. The client was busy, gave the secretary contacts. The secretary sent to other specialists who kicked us to each other.

When no one wants to give expertise
A month passed before we gathered, as we thought, all the necessary information. We designed social networks, connected ads on local forums, and began to prepare for targeting.

12 tasks that a business needs to solve before SMM
Suddenly, the sales department howled. It turned out that prices had changed a long time ago, but we were not warned about this. People called from advertisements, wanted to book a holiday, but when they heard that prices were different, they refused.

The company leaked customers through no fault of ours. We had little information, no one told us about the changes.

Find a person who knows your business well, or communicate with contractors yourself. Give all the information you need. Keep up to date with all changes.

In our case, due to the lack of feedback, everyone suffered:

The sales department, which fell a wave of negativity.
A business that has lost money and reputation.
We, on whom undeserved accusations from disgruntled salesmen fell.
The client lost money, but he understood the problem and finally began to help. We were given feedback, found responsible. We redid the prices and banners, everything worked fine. Bids were sent again. But…

No one has prepared managers for receiving calls from new customers
The client himself admitted this when we asked about the number of transactions. It turned out that the sales department knows how to communicate with business owners and heads of budget organizations, but is not at all ready to talk with ordinary mummies.

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