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How to start telling consumers the truth and not go broke

On the fence, like on the Internet, a lot of things are written. But uncovering a hoax on a network full of information is easier. The Internet is a worldwide garbage dump, but people have learned to masterfully distinguish between edible and rotten, true company values ​​from deception for the sake of profit.

In an article about why insincere companies do not live long in the digital age.

Authentic brands collect less negative online
An authentic brand product is not just a product
Instead of conclusions: 4 tips for gaining your voice
You have blocked the ability to receive notifications; you are subscribed to notifications
Why the truth wins not only in the Hollywood action movie, but also in marketing
Cheating the buyer always ends badly. Even if in the beginning everything went well and profitably. On the Internet, lies are revealed like lids on barrels of gunpowder – a brand can simply be dishonored or even go bankrupt.

Those who caught the laws of the digital world in time and followed them are now ahead of the rest. You know these legendary companies – these are McDonald`s, Pepsi, Starbucks, IKEA and others.

But the path to success was thorny for them. When McDonald`s tried to present themselves as a restaurant, not only for lovers of tasty and fast food, but also for healthy people, they failed.

So in 2010, the company became the sponsor of the World Cup. Then the World Cancer Research Fund criticized FIFA management for collaborating with a fast and unhealthy restaurant. This did not match the image of the sporting event.

McDonald`s president was indignant: “On the contrary, we help young people burn calories. They come to our restaurants 2-3 times a month – this cannot be tied to the problem of obesity. ” But people are shrewd and savvy –McDonald’s leads the brand-defaming memes or, as they are called, the doppelganger brand image (DBI).

Doppelganger brand image is a picture revealing the true values ​​of the brand, its false statements and promises to customers. Created by consumers, brand competitors, and activist organizations.

McDiabetes, not a healthy food restaurant
The point is not that selling fast food is bad. A french fries and a juicy burger are able to paint someone even the most gloomy day in bright colors. It is about the fact that the company should build its brand not only on beautiful advertising slogans.

Restaurant SMM: delicious texts about delicious food and more
When a brand speaks honestly about a product, it attracts a true target audience and protects itself from public attacks. This is what Heart Attack Grill, an American super food restaurant, did.

We have been fighting anorexia since 2005 (from the restaurant’s commercial)
The restaurant serves a burger of 8 beef cutlets, 20 slices of bacon and 8 slices of cheese. In one piece – 10,000 calories. Clients here are called “patients,” orders are called “prescriptions,” and waitresses are called “nurses.” Those who weigh more than 350 pounds, which is 158 kg, eat there in unlimited quantities for free.

Restaurant visitors wear hospital shirts
You may not like it. It may be disgusting to you. But here it is – authenticity in the flesh, undisguised truth, marketing that does not lie.

What is brand authenticity?
According to the American psychologist Carl Rogers:

Authenticity is a person’s ability to abandon various social roles, allowing genuine thoughts, emotions and behavior that are characteristic of only a given person to be manifested.

Authentic can be not only a person, but also a system, process, information, brand.

Just like a person, an authentic brand is faithful to its principles, unique and unique. The company management understands the strengths and weaknesses of its product, and does not try to pass one by one.

Why Authentic Brands Win: Research and Case Studies
Buyers are willing to pay more for original products.
As it turned out, being yourself is not only pleasant, but also profitable.

Studies conducted at Yale University in 2014 showed that consumers are willing to pay for branded products more because of their authenticity.

The participants in the experiment were divided into two groups. Both showed Levi`s jeans, but:

the first group was told that these were original jeans from Levi`s factory in San Francisco;
the second is that they are made somewhere else.
The first group rated jeans more expensive.

How to increase brand awareness online: a detailed guide
Authentic brands promote themselves
So much was written about the scandalous restaurant Heart Attack Grill in the media that every American strove to get there for the sake of curiosity. I think the originality of the idea promoted the restaurant better than any marketing team.

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