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Crammed bumps: how I looked for work since 99, business rake and quarrels with relatives

The nature of the fakaps is a strange thing. On the one hand, you kind of learn from your mistakes. On the other hand, you always repeat them. The magic rake transforms in different situations, and you step on them again. Fools learn from their mistakes, smart from strangers. If you are reading this article, you’re 200% more prepared to conduct your business than me.

The time has come for exciting stories – about searching for oneself and work already from the year 1,999.

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Happiness loves silence: keep relatives away from your business
“Friendship is friendship, but money apart,” my grandmother used to say when my close friend Katka and I spent all our pocket money on a couple. No, we were not from elite families where, since childhood, “they have been taught to manage personal finances.” We proudly called pocket money 300 rubles a week for food in the school cafeteria. And, of course, they were not going to spend them on dinners. Having fed our good class teacher with promises to repay the debt next month, we ate exclusively buns. They spent money on all kinds of nonsense like chewing gum, cola and other children’s nishtyakov. Everything is like everyone else.

So, the shortage of cash and debts to our beloved blackboard brought us to the idea of ​​our own profitable business: we decided to get rich on glass containers. They enthusiastically collected bottles in the yards or waited patiently when the uncles finished the bottle of Zhigulevsky after the change at the factory. After receiving the coveted bubble, the kites rushed to the columns (such a cold water tap right on the street – everyone gathered water and drank from water columns) and washed the containers until they turned blue, peeling off the labels. Then they went to the reception point and received their legal money. It turned out fine.

We even planned to expand, we decided that you can connect the younger street tomboys, preferably not knowing how to count, and take containers from them at different prices. Alas, the transformation into outbid (or rather, small wholesalers?) Did not happen. One of my mother’s acquaintances told her that instead of studying at a music school, her daughter was rummaging through city dumps and wastelands in search of bottles. There was no limit to the indignation, they accused me of commercialism and even promised an increase in pocket money. I didn’t really understand then what exactly was wrong. But she threw it: we were engaged in business exclusively in the daytime, we did not want to take risks, nor did we upset our parents. And the town was very small, it was possible to “burn” again in two counts.

How to find your dream job
Conclusion: if you hide some aspects of your business, you don’t have to worry about what exactly your loved ones think about your work. The main thing is not to get to the point where the brave OBEP men or OMON men will put your family on the cold floor. And they do not know. But more on that later.

Features of national work: why time is not equal to money and why it is hard to work with friends
A family business is good to build if you are a Sicilian mafia. Or the Armenians, which is almost the same thing (no kidding, I admire them: all the families I know are friendly and hardworking!). Not only relatives, but also friends should be kept away from your business. They will need privileges, it will be unrealistic to get them to work, it will be difficult to avoid personal quarrels with them. And if you still pay them for the time spent in the workplace, a conflict of interest is inevitable.

I do not claim that my words are the ultimate truth. I will try to prove with an example.

After a failure with the bottling business, I decided that you can make money in another way. Not everyone can become entrepreneurs, I reasoned as a 14-year-old, you can become an excellent specialist, and they will pay you well.

A family friend was preparing to open a construction store: he bought an old brick building of a grocery store in a deplorable state and wanted to repair it. I must say that on the outside it was only necessary to replace the glass on the facades, paint the wooden frames, plus put a couple of patches on the roof. But the internal work required much more investment and effort: to re-fill the floor, align the walls, repair the dilapidated ceiling in stains. A huge trading room five meters high and 4 of 5 utility rooms, including a toilet, needed decoration. But before, it was necessary to dismantle the remnants of the luxury of Soviet heritage: broken blue tiles on the walls and brown on the floor, in some places stucco stucco and stucco.

The romance of concrete, dirt and paint also attracted me because I had heard the kitchen conversations of adults and made disappointing conclusions: the first – you shouldn’t definitely go as a teacher, “they don’t give a salary for six months, but you have to live”, the second – to repair and plaster it’s very profitable, there’s “what money Lyubka rowed from the fifth entrance, and rides a penny new.”

Aunt Luba’s motivation was poorly motivated: a red weathered face, a yellow, bleached hair. She unevenly painted her small narrow lips with bright pink lipstick, which made her mouth curl to the left.

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