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“This is a way to extend childhood”: for which entrepreneurs do not like Russian education

When it comes to Russian education, polar opinions traditionally sound: someone believes that we got the best system in the world from the USSR, and someone scolds the Soviet legacy and all modern innovations.

By the day of the student, Rusbase had learned from entrepreneurs and top managers why they did not like Russian education and whether it could help young people start their own business.

Andrey Teslenko, co-founder of Mishka AI
The Russian education system in the bulk is completely divorced from reality. It is a parallel universe. The big problem I see is the romanticization of the image of an entrepreneur among students. And often this is done precisely by the state or by state money. In reality, students, due to their age, do not have enough experience to create a business capable of survival and scaling. Citing several successful people who created startups as students as examples (for example, Mark Zuckerberg) is a classic “survivor’s mistake”.

Gleb Kharitonov, founder of Briskly
The main disadvantage is the lack of practice or its conventionality. As I remember now, it is enough to bring a piece of paper with a seal and a formal report to accept the practice. Case analysis is absent as a type of lesson or happens only on the initiative of the teacher. And in general, training often leaves only for excellent teachers with initiative, without them the program loses all meaning. An absurd case from my studies. At one time on “Information Technologies” they wanted to put me two for the exam, because I was missing a semester. But the teacher did not know that I had set up the entire computer class, database and grid for him so that he could teach students all year.

The Russian education system is stuck in the deep past. Too few practitioners teach. In general, I perceive modern universities as a way to extend my childhood. The youngest twenty years are too valuable time to sit in pairs. It’s better to start acting, and study – modularly, online, as you understand what kind of knowledge is needed.

On the topic: “Business is learning. Only in practice ”: how Russian students combine education with their own business
Oleg Kivokurtsev, Development Director, Promobot
The goal of higher education is to create specialists in a particular industry. If a person is studying to be an engineer, then the education system wants him to be, and prepares him for this. And entrepreneurship is not something that can be learned at a university. Entrepreneurship is responsibility, flexible thinking, enterprise, risk-taking. This is a combination of skills not acquired as a result of training, but a way of thinking, a set of qualities. Entrepreneurs should be created by society.

Konstantin Sonkin, founder and CEO of i-BrainTech
There are many drawbacks in the Russian education system, and the most important point for me is the inadmissibility of errors and other opinions. This displaces the best minds from the system and closes the opportunity for the development of the ecosystem of technological entrepreneurship in Russia. Our best mathematicians, physicists, programmers, who could create hundreds of breakthrough companies, find themselves on the side of the educational machine and realize their potential in those countries that are open to different points of view and welcome mistakes on the path to knowledge.

On the topic: VTsIOM found out which universities the Russians consider the best in the country
Artyom Subbotin, Founder of Simkomat
The first and most important minus is that people are taught obsolete things. True, they are trying to invite avant-garde practitioners in metropolitan universities. In the outback, this is not there, as a rule, they teach old technologies from old textbooks. And to start a business for young people, first of all, the fear of falls prevents. We are taught from childhood that it is bad to make mistakes; if you make a mistake, it’s better not to start. Even the Russian proverb “measure seven times, cut once” says that theory is more important than practice. But the world is changing so fast that theory goes awry. Most often you need not to be afraid and act, understanding that failures will certainly be, these are just the stages of training. Therefore, it is often the Troes who do business.

Mikhail Erman, CEO, HSE Incubator
The Russian education system has the same drawbacks as in other countries. It is built on the principle of limited access to information, therefore, as part of the educational process, students try to fit as much content as possible in reserve, maybe it will come in handy someday. On the one hand, this approach broadens the horizons, but on the other hand, it is not effective in terms of time costs and limitations associated with the amount of information that our brain can perceive.

Now we have access to almost any information in our smartphone 24/7. In my opinion, the education system should move (and technically it is already possible) to a format where each student can get a program tailored specifically for him. In this case, young guys who want to start their own business.

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