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Advertising is heartless. But how to love your neighbor and make money on it?

I have a dream. I would like for creative creators to take science seriously. And so that for perfectly rational reasons, the word “hype” in a professional “digital” environment becomes abusive. And it began to symbolize a strategically losing approach that is killing a business’s reputation.

We take for granted that the psychology of the “average person”, dictated to him by nature, filled the Internet with crap, as Elena Torshina speaks with skill.

But the mass of negativity on the network is created not so much by ordinary people who consume content, who respond to it with teenage-style comments and aggressive posts on social networks. But rather, the content producers themselves (including the army of advertisers) are flooding our everyday digital world with rotten meat.

Digital requires advertising in the literal sense of the word – it is impossible to circumvent its implementation in most Internet ecosystems because the “content” part of the network itself can only exist economically thanks to it.

But why do ecosystems need to be littered with horseradish creative, built on an unscientific, intuitive approach? Why, with the exception of top authors, do advertisers exploit areal humor, the neurotic sexuality of a mass Internet user, his worldly greed and his natural desire to enjoy the triad “blood, violence, deviant behavior” from time to time?

I’ll explain about the latter: scientists suggest that the tendency of people to “spy” on the horrors of life is an evolutionary mechanism. It helps, among others, to partake in touch with the knowledge “this is not necessary.” And it is useful for the survival of the human species as a whole.

So, in our urban environment, on the street, we usually look askance at those who drink a bottle of beer, do not talk, but yell, and the container itself is “masculinously” unfastened on asphalt, on which children actually walk. However, in a digital environment, for some reason we are more tolerant of such behavior.

“What is it?” – the work of Stefan Koidl
It is possible to suggest a reason. We see rude, indecent, “hype” in the broad sense public action on a monitor or smartphone. We know in advance that we are “on the other side” and that what is happening on the screen is not dangerous for us (it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t involve us in the situation, it doesn’t threaten injury, etc.).

However, our brain receives some imperceptible “wounds” that affect the emotional state.

For example, I am often annoyed by advertising on social networks. I’m well tuned for them – no “smart” tape, only chronological (where possible), community subscriptions have been carefully cleaned, and so on.

But this does not save from frankly bad advertising creatives. I go to VK and certainly meet a slogan like: “WITH A JET FROM ANOTHER TIGHT?” This question is awesomely in large print screaming at me from the screen. I understand that by age and gender I fall into the targeting of advertising funds from prostatitis. But for what reason is this such a dumb and vulgar advertisement?

If I were a sufferer in the field of male health, I would ask myself – why do the authors of the advertisement not sympathize with me? Why do they create on my monitor the equivalent of a “smoking room” in which shy men squeeze neighing their problem?

Every day in the feed in VK, I see an advertisement in the column on the left and make mental notes for myself:

Bad humor, it is not clear why pulled by the ears of Chan is a creative? It’s helplessness
Bad humor, it is not clear why pulled by the ears of Chan is a creative? It’s helplessness
Why did advertisers think that humor and sex sell so well? In fact, empathy is the best seller. And this is proved by scientific research, which I will discuss below.

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Exposing the word HYIP
The word hype has a long history. Etymologists agree that its original form appeared at the beginning of the XVIII century. Then in the form of “hyp” or “hyps” it meant something like “painful depression of the SPIRITs”. This was the colloquial name for hypochondria, a nervous breakdown expressed in constant fear of getting sick.

In 1913, the word “hype” was noted as a slang acronym for “hypodermic needle” (subcutaneous injection), meaning drug addiction.

In 1914, by the same word and also on the “underground” slang, they began to call the method of petty fraud, also known as “raising raising”, or, let’s call it like “fraud with surrender”.

Around 1926, in the American English language (in the thieves’ part of it), the word “hype” was fixed as a slang verb for the actions of scammers who “speak” in this genre. Since 1937, the word has entered normal language. And since 1967 they began to call them excessive or misleading advertising.

In modern times, the word “hype” takes on a complex meaning somewhere between “booming interest” and “loud promotion, PR.”

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