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Problems at the start of a business: where to lay straws, opening a business

When launching a new project, we think more about prospects, financial independence, success, benefits for the world, rather than about problems. A positive attitude is important. Without it, it’s not worth starting.

But it’s even more important to soberly assess the situation, anticipate difficulties and plan a few steps forward. I myself got bumps, starting my own business and I’ll tell you about some difficulties from my own experience. To make the selection more objective, I asked around on social networks and left only those problems that other entrepreneurs spoke about. She also took comments from a representative of a small business, who himself went through most of the typical difficulties and agreed to honestly tell how he had it.

The article will be useful to those who are just starting a business or just planning, because warned – means armed. Go!

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There is always not enough money
If you have huge capital at the start, it will still not be enough. Even if it seems that everything is calculated to the smallest detail – it only seems. A novice entrepreneur does not have enough experience to foresee everything. We love to consider the best scenario – the supplier will give a discount and a delay of several months, the tenant will not stint on rental vacations, and sales will immediately trample.

In fact, this rarely happens. We have to fight for every ruble.

Very rough, but true math
Very rough, but true math
What can be done? First of all, prepare a financial pillow. This is important if you are leaving your main job to start a business. So that you do not have to spend your first revenue on a communal apartment.

To compensate for the lack of money (or to avoid it), you can make the most of your knowledge and skills. If you know how to make sites, the first simple page for a new project can be done independently. Understanding jurisprudence – do not waste money on registering a company.
Vladimir Parkyshev,
owner of a network of studios Glavzvuk, Yekaterinburg
When you begin to provide services that are not yet available on the market in the region, you need potential customers to know about you. When I started the Glavzvuk project, we did not have the opportunity to invest in promotion, promotion, image. I just got married, I was waiting for a replenishment in the family. There was a question about closing the previous business. Some clients remained on previous projects. All the start-up capital with which I started the business is a new website on Tilda and a group on VKontakte. Plus, I registered Glavzvuk in all possible online directories. Thanks to 15 years of experience in advertising, I was able at that moment to formulate an interesting proposal for the market. The first visitors who could be converted into customers came to the site from search engines in 2 weeks. Without a budget, but with competent commercial texts on the site, regular posts on social networks, several publications on third-party sites, you can get customers. And every published order attracts a new one. Then I did not know about the word crowd marketing, but acted in its best traditions.

Be realistic in planning – if you have 300 thousand in your pocket, don’t start a global project like a full-fledged store, as I did.

No one can be trusted
When you start working in a new market for yourself, you still do not know the rules of the game. It is on the Internet that everyone writes about honest partnership, benefits for customers, all white and fluffy. In fact, there are often situations where partners, contractors, contractors try to wrap cooperation in their favor. Even to the detriment of the other side. This may not be a direct fraud or fraud, but an inexperienced entrepreneur will still remain in the red. Just because somewhere I missed something and did not fix it on paper.

Trust but check
I myself had a similar story. A couple of years ago, I decided to go to the organization of concerts. She decided to start small – gathered several poorly promoted teams, rented a small site in the center of Moscow. All arrangements with the artists and the club were in words. Fortunately, no one let me down – they were waiting for us at the site, the artists arrived, the concert took place and everyone was satisfied. Except me. I barely brought this project to zero, because a couple of days before the event it turned out that at the same time as our concert, the club will have a birthday banquet, whose guests will not pay for the entrance to the concert. I was simply confronted with a fact. The food ordered for delivery for the artists was not allowed into the club – we had to feed the guys from the bar menu. There were a few more nuances that increased costs and reduced revenues. I didn’t bring the project to profit, but I learned a lesson.

What can be done? Recognize all the nuances of cooperation on the shore, and record all agreements in contracts, estimates and other documents. Do not take the word and be sure to look – the premises, goods, business, equipment.

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