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Freelancer path: what awaits those who have started working remotely

I have been a freelancer for almost 4 years. Every day I go to social networks and see a bunch of advertising webinars and free courses on the delights of remote work. It is assumed that thanks to them I will start to earn a lot of money through the Internet and leave for wintering in Bali.

Of the pitfalls and difficulties in this advertisement, of course, not a word. So I decided to talk about them myself. More precisely, to show by the example of the fictional, but quite realistic Vasya, what lies ahead for those who have seriously decided to become a freelancer from scratch and without experience.

So, Vasya. He recently got his first job. Six months later, I realized that a short vacation twice a year, a salary of 30 thousand and a working day from 9 to 18 are not quite what he wants.

After a week of surfing the Internet, for “how else to make money,” Vasya finds a free webinar on remote work. He is led by a guy who lives in Thailand and sets up Instagram ads. This allows him to visit 20 countries per year and not deny himself anything. At least that’s what he says.

Vasya decides that such a lifestyle suits him well. So begins his fascinating journey into the world of freelance.

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1. Survival
That’s what freelance will do with Vasya

Vasya is a complete beginner. The webinar inspired him, but of course he did not learn how to set up advertising and promote on Instagram. And to give 15 thousand per course to an incomprehensible dude seems to him too risky.

Instead, he registered on three freelance exchanges and now takes on any projects. But without skills, he has to do the most primitive job: transcribing audio, descriptions of goods for online stores, typesetting template sites.

Every day in the morning he monitors sites in search of new orders, and spends evenings on their implementation. Projects are not easy: 10-20 performers apply for each.

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Once in a couple of months, profitable projects are handed over to him, but basically Vasya works a lot and earns a little. His daily routine is fulfilling orders and finding new ones. His blue dream is to upgrade his rating on the stock exchange so that customers choose it more often. And also to always leave positive feedback after work.

He does not know how much money orders will bring this month, so he can’t give up the main job. Because of this, Vasya is very tired, and his freelance already infuriates him a little.

At this stage, most people are screened out: income is small and unstable, the load is high. It quickly turns out that sitting under a palm tree with a laptop in the near future does not shine.

Some lucky ones pass this stage if they are already qualified and able to leave hired work.

How long: 1-6 months.

How to go further:

Tackle everything in order to find what you want to do.
Choose your scope.
Complete as many projects as possible to fill your hand. Let for little money.

Understanding in which area you want to develop and the first intelligible portfolio that is not ashamed to show people. It is better to have at least 5 jobs available. And a few positive reviews from customers.

2. Formation
Vasya rises from his knees

Vasya understood what he wanted to do. Working with texts is best for him. He decided to become a copywriter: now he purposefully seeks only projects from this field. And he finally decided to quit and concentrate fully on new activities.

It helped: over the past month, Vasya earned 2 times more than in the previous month. This is still less than the previous salary, but now he feels himself on a horse. On the wave of success, he even read two books on copywriting and believes that he has become a good professional.

However, reality soon falls upon him. It turns out that in his niche there are a whole bunch of subtleties, each one has its own specificity in which he does not understand anything.

And it turned out that he has a lot of competitors. Competitors have a name and experience that he does not have. Vasya sees their sites, groups on social networks with a bunch of subscribers and the work that they do for large customers and for which they get good money.

Vasya understands that he is not a cool specialist, but still only a faceless performer on the stock exchange. He is depressed and wants to quit.

At this stage, the first successes come: regular customers, revenue growth, more orders. Many freelancers come to a stable, but small income, and here they stop. Then everything will go slower and harder.

How long: 6-12 months or more.

How to go further:

Choose a narrow area in your niche that is most interesting.
Set a big goal for the year: an order from a well-known company, recruiting a team, turning into a studio, etc.
Evaluate successful competitors and understand your place in the market. Fix what they have: a channel on YouTube, a website, publications in the media, well-known customers.

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