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Work less and do more: 4 effective tricks
When you are seriously engaged in any area of ​​the digital sphere, at some point you no longer have enough time. Until recently, you yourself were looking for work and…

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Work less and do more: 4 effective tricks

When you are seriously engaged in any area of ​​the digital sphere, at some point you no longer have enough time. Until recently, you yourself were looking for work and were afraid of leaving the customer, and now they go to you themselves. And the old ones don’t go anywhere. There is more work to do. Even more. You are raising prices. Then again. And further. The flow does not stop. “Yes, he was crazy ?! – maybe someone on the other side of the screen is thinking now. “What is there to complain about ?!”

There really is no point in complaining. It’s just that I began to notice that I often sit up at my computer until night to finish yesterday’s text. I even write this letter early Monday morning, because my hands didn’t reach him on the weekend. Time to work has to be taken away from the family and leisure.

Work less and do more: 4 effective tricks
In this newsletter, we’ll talk about what to do if work began to take time away from everything else.

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Non-time management
Spoiler: here it will not be about the Pomodoro timer, disconnection from social networks and other hardcore. Did not help. The systems based on the principle “you must do this and that and that” do not act on me at all. I’m used to form working hours, guided by the situation right now.

Can’t sleep at three in the morning? But I’ll go and work, there’s nothing to waste time for.

Do you want to go out right now? It’s better to do so. Once the “mood” is gone, right now it will not work to write something suitable.

But this is chaos. But effective work in chaos is impossible. Therefore, there was a need to cram as much as possible the amount actually made in the most suitable period of time. And not literal “something-doing” at the computer, but tangible, which affects the result.

If you sit and dull in front of the screen, trying to move the hanging material, it is not an efficient use of time.

If you ride a stroller with a sleeping child around the area, simultaneously thinking over the material plan and outlining outlines for specific sections in Google Keep, this is an efficient use of time.

I do not have a ready time management system. Neither generally accepted, nor their own. There are only a few of their tricks that have already shown the result.

Useful services and extensions for working with text
Reception 1. One day – one stage of the project
I used to work consistently. He took one material and dealt only with it, put the rest in the queue. Now I am conducting several materials at the same time, switching between them. I do one small work step for 3-4 materials per day. As a result, everyone can finish to his deadline.

What does it give?

Most of the work on the texts takes place in the head. Tapping your fingers on the keyboard is already the finish line. When there is only one material in the work, it is highly likely that macaques will infiltrate you.

When working with multiple materials, see Reception 2.
When working with multiple materials, see Reception 2.
Reception 2. Switch between tasks
Two hours ago I had a completely different structure for this newsletter. But at some point I realized that it wasn’t working. Earlier in this situation, I took the position of the macaque. It could take up to several hours to exit the stupor.

Now I poured myself tea and sat down for another article. While writing a subsection of LongRead for a company selling construction and mining equipment, which I thought out yesterday, I found a new structure for this newsletter.

What does it give?

In a macaque state, ideally, I would come up with the same thing. But this would have taken the extra time that I have now invested in solving the following problem. In the worst case, it would freeze completely. This also happened.

Reception 3. Give part of the working time only for planning
The most inefficient period is the beginning of the working day, the first 1-2 hours. A lot of time eating the effect of a blank sheet when you just sit at the computer and think over the work.

Work less and do more: 4 effective tricks
When I began to devote a separate time to work in my head, it became easier to enter the text at the beginning of the working day. Moreover, it turned out to be possible to combine with background everyday tasks like washing dishes or taking a walk.

What did it give?

Having prepared the plan in the evening, I began to enter the work right away. In terms of efficiency, the morning hours were equal to the daytime.

Reception 4. In the morning – sports
But in the morning there was another problem, purely physical. To fully wake up, I needed around an hour and a half. I then remade almost everything written at that time.

And then it turned out that sport helps. I started running to lose a few extra pounds. The first month I wanted to sleep all the time, but then the loads ceased to be heavy “necessary”. And it turned out that they perfectly free their heads. If you go for a run or do strength training in the morning, you wake up completely before the start of working time. And I allocated an hour to sports from sleep: I began to sleep 6.5-7 hours instead of 7-8.

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