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How to hack personal finance: practical tips that have changed thousands of lives

Few people want to work hard for a mercenary all their lives. And this is a completely adequate desire, because the body is aging every year, and employers are squeezing the result out of us at any cost. But we are already old and tired, we want to relax and enjoy life. What to do? I brought you the good news.

Not everything is so bad if you know how to act. But first you need to understand three simple thoughts:

Sooner or later, we will all die. (Are you not going to live forever? Come on, it’s boring.)
What matters is not money, but skills (earning, saving, investing).
The rich really think differently (yes, here the info gypsies did not deceive).
Remember these theses. You can even write it down if you want. Well, let’s start with the most interesting.

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Who are the rich
If a person has more money than zero at the end of the working month, quarter or year, he is already considered rich. And ideally, each period should remain longer than it was in the previous one. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how much a person earns or pulls out of a business – only the balance is important.

If you spend less than you earn during the billing period, you bring yourself closer to wealth. This is a very important skill.

How to hack personal finance
Take a look at how people take cars, apartments and appliances on credit. They are heavily loaned, and the situation worsens every year. From here we can derive the category of “poor”.

Who are the poor
The poor are people who have less money left at the end of the period than they earned.

Suppose Masha received a salary of 30,000 rubles this month. To celebrate, she bought herself a dress, because “I want to live now.” Then she gave back the most burning loans, returned to her friend 1,000 rubles, since she had been moving her for the third month. I bought a gift for a child, but there was no food left, so I had to borrow from my mother. As a result, with all the loans and credits Masha ends the month in the deepest negative.

How to hack personal finance
The beloved Kiyosaki called this process “rat race.” Every month on the 5th and 25th, people receive a salary, but at the end of the period there is no money left. Either they do not remain at all, or debts are growing, which is even worse.

This is how the “poor” live. Based on this, we can derive two strategies.

Beggar Strategy
To change the current financial situation, you need to understand what strategy you are using now: the “beggar” or the “king”?

The first characteristic of a beggar: spends more than he earns.

Such a person will never be rich, no matter how much he earns. And it can be impressive amounts.

For example, I personally know a woman who makes good money on renting apartments and lowers 200,000 rubles each. only on clothes. At the end of the month, she remains zero or minus.

It is surprising that a person can have a huge income by the standards of others, but at the same time remain poor.

How to hack personal finance
The second characteristic of a beggar is blind faith.

A person believes that the amount of earnings is in no way connected with the result that he gives to other people, but is connected only with the amount of work.

Many people believe in the concept: “To earn more, you need to work more” – or worse – “… spend more time at work.”

But in reality, there is another principle: “To earn more, you need to bring more benefits (to satisfy the maximum needs / solve more problems).”

If you spend more than you earn, and believe that earnings do not depend on the result, you are in the pauper strategy. These two points should be removed as soon as possible in order to move on.

I think, the question already arises in your head: “Well, you, author, well done, of course, painted beautifully about the beggar, you can’t argue. And then what to do? ”Let’s now deal with the strategy of the“ king ”/ strategy of wealth.

5 points wealth strategy
The wealth strategy consists of five points that must be followed. If you score at least one of them, most likely, it will be replaced by a point from the strategy of the “beggar”. Therefore, let’s start with the most important.

Strict finance accounting
To achieve high results in sports, they need to be fixed. This works with money on the same principle. When you record the results, you can see how you excel yourself yesterday and where you invest the most resources.

How to hack personal finance
To get started, use Excel or Google Sheets. But you can immediately choose a suitable application for yourself. For example, the old-school program for home accounting “1C: Money.”

Then you drive there every check and all income / expense. Choose the day when you will open the tablet and analyze the movement of money.

What other financial accounting programs are there: – a site with the ability to keep records in the cloud. He also has a mobile version.
Toshl Finance is a finance planning application that many praise. One of the best apps on mobile platforms. But it is not exactly.

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