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What freelancers need to know about self-employment

Working in the shade for a digital sphere freelancer is a common thing. If the tax authorities come and check, then to a neighbor who bakes cakes or makes nails, and not to an unknown copywriter, targetologist, UX-designer or SMM-box. It is also necessary to find it on the Internet, and who will contact this? But that was before.

Now banks are more sensitive to money transfers so as not to indulge in corruption, shadow income and the financing of terrorism. The robot automatically checks private payments and at any time can block the card to determine where the money came from. Only the freelancer who works legally can explain.

I got into an uncomfortable situation a few years ago when my WebMoney wallet was blocked. Technical support asked me for documents confirming the source of funds. What could I provide them if I worked with some webmaster directly without a contract? The wallet was not unlocked, the money – five thousand rubles – was not returned.
There is a risk that a competitor, a dissatisfied customer or just an envious person will file a complaint about illegal business activities.

In addition to peace of mind, legal work provides other benefits. An official freelancer can work openly, advertise his services, and negotiate with reputable clients.

For example, I became an IP after a generous customer said that he works only with entrepreneurs. In a few days, she issued an IP and received a large order. Then I often came across vacancies where the presence of IP for the author is a desirable or prerequisite.
Now customers are requesting at least self-employment. Everything is logical: why should businesses spend more on taxes and insurance premiums, if you can only pay for the work of the contractor.

Self-employed – individual or individual applying professional income tax (NAP). To become self-employed, it is enough to register in the My Tax mobile application. In 2020, the authorities plan to add all the Russian regions to the experiment, then any freelancer, wherever he is, will be able to switch to self-employment.

I became a self-employed IP a year ago and now I combine it. I will tell you about self-employment, taking into account personal experience.

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What are the advantages of this status?
More opportunities for collaboration. Clients can work officially with self-employed. This is important for companies and individual entrepreneurs, it is more convenient for them to pay a self-employed bill, rather than messing with extra expenses when working with an individual or cash in order to transfer money to a card.

Examples of announcements in which a formalized IP is one of the requirements

So, one customer was very happy that you can simply transfer my IP details to the accounting department. When paying to a private person, he could not conduct such calculations officially and used all kinds of tricks. I took cash in cash for the report, sent it to the executor’s card, and then collected checks for stationery in order to report to the accounting department. Only in this way could he receive cash and without an agreement pay off with a freelancer.
When a client pays an individual formally, he pays for work together with taxes and insurance contributions – 43% in excess of the contract amount. If he pays to the self-employed or individual entrepreneur, he gives money only for the work done and does not make any extra costs.

A clear difference between the costs in the calculations with the authors of Zen, if they are individuals and self-employed. It’s more profitable to work, of course, with the self-employed, and not with individuals
A clear difference between the costs in the calculations with the authors of Zen, if they are individuals and self-employed. It’s more profitable to work, of course, with the self-employed, and not with individuals
Less formalities at work. The self-employed easily accepts payments from both legal entities and physicists. He can take money from customers, in cash and by bank transfer, without violating the law. No cash desk is needed.

It doesn’t matter how and where the money comes from, the self-employed freelancer opens the My Tax application and enters payment information into it: the amount, name of the service, name and TIN of the legal entity client or individual entrepreneur, or nothing more if the private person pays.

This is all recorded in the check, which can be sent to the customer electronically. On the basis of such checks drawn up for a month, the tax on profits is calculated.

You can download the check or copy the link and send it to the customer
You can download the check or copy the link and send it to the customer
Self-employed should not report to the tax. Although he makes all the income in the application, you do not need to separately fill out the declarations and send them somewhere. There is no reporting. All statistics are directly in the application.

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