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About people’s dreams and fears: how to make a readable blog on any topic

“What to write about?” Is a fundamental problem of the editorial staff of the blog, thematic media, and the community on social networks. Secondary article distribution systems, blog design and its functionality. The main torment is the choice of topics. It persecutes both editors, and individual authors, and lone bloggers. We want virality, getting into a nerve, discussions in the comments. In order to convert all this who is much to what: in sales, in audience growth, in personal authority, in strengthening the brand image.

For every challenge – professional and personal – we usually want to respond with some universal strategy. As if it is possible. This is the property of the human psyche: it seems to us that there is a certain magic wand, someone owns it and it is not us. Therefore, you need to get your own.

There are no magic wands, but there is still a content strategy that claims to be universal. Simplified, it looks something like this: you need to write about what is consistent with the dreams and fears of large groups of potential readers. And generally it doesn’t matter what the topic of the blog is.
The authors, by the way, also have their own fears.
An instant example. Suppose we have a blog … (which topic would be more difficult to choose?) About unmanned mini-helicopters. The goal of the blog is to attract the interest of top management of companies to which these products can be sold.

But who needs unmanned mini-helicopters? Ltd! There is something to talk about. Imagine, say, that you are the head of the pipeline security service. You have thousands of kilometers of pipes that lie in deserted places – among permafrost or in the wild steppes. You do not send patrols with reeds and curs to run along? Meanwhile, cunning crime can make inconspicuous sidelines. Somehow we have to deal with this.

You want to solve the problem technologically, for a long time and so that the solution is not hellishly expensive to operate. You see that taps, crashes and leaks are so far poorly tracked by you. You are afraid that you will not be patted on the head. Meanwhile, your young deputy looks at your place obtained with great blood with an oil gaze. And he prepares some analytical notes in the evening – obviously not for you.

And here you come across an article about an unmanned helicopter, hung with sensors – whatever your heart desires. It turns out that this thing can fly around so many kilometers of the oil pipeline a day and show the operator in paints what is happening there – in the steppes. Eureka! There was hope for the realization of dreams and victory over fears.

And you will read everything about these drones in a row. You will beat out a purchase of as many as three. And then you will begin to be interested in how to operate them correctly, how to train operators for them. You will be tormented by the question “how to control the controllers?” And a whole bunch of others.

So it works …

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Economics is psychology. Anyone – Crazy Cassandra
Now there will be a cruel, deep trawling of the topic. However, if we want to understand something strategically, we will have to tolerate it.

So, in youth, many people think that economics is such a boring, rigorous science. Over time, after filling up cones, individual people understand that something is wrong with this. It turns out that any of the generally accepted definitions of economics includes the phrase “totality of relations” or “relations between people”.

Economics is not a natural phenomenon; without man it does not exist. The problem is that the psyche of our intelligent species is very poorly understood. There is not even a single scientific definition of consciousness. In addition, no one in the world of science understands exactly how all these neural circuits, cocktails of neurotransmitters, and the electrical activity of the brain create the phenomenon of a person’s personal experience – qualia.

There is no explanation for why a particular individual is able to think “I am this”. Scientists dubbed this riddle the “difficult problem of consciousness.” Hence the conclusion: the economy is a complex relationship of people, each of which is a “black box”.

When we are building ourselves a completely economic phenomenon – a blog or the media – we embark on how many ways to guess the interests of these “black boxes”. In fact, the work of the editors is unscientific, intuitive and chaotic.

Look for topics in your subconscious
However, science can still help us with the content strategy, despite the fact that people are dark for it. There is a clinical psychology that is difficult to reproach with isolation from the scientific method. Cognitive-behavioral therapy works – and this is fairly widely recognized by scientists from related fields.

Scientists are approaching the difficult problem of consciousness from the periphery to the center. And there – on the periphery – accumulated a lot of indirect knowledge about the human psyche.

For example, centuries ago, philosophers noticed (and now psychologists have confirmed this) that the vast majority of people in a state of wakefulness are almost never “here and now.”

People either relive the past (“What have I done wrong?”, “But when I was young, it was somehow more fun ..”), or they predict a dangerous future for themselves (“If I don’t understand cascading style sheets, they will fire me … ”), or dream.

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