Problems at the start of a business: where to lay straws, opening a business
When launching a new project, we think more about prospects, financial independence, success, benefits for the world, rather than about problems. A positive attitude is important. Without it, it’s not…

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Crammed bumps: how I looked for work since 99, business rake and quarrels with relatives
The nature of the fakaps is a strange thing. On the one hand, you kind of learn from your mistakes. On the other hand, you always repeat them. The magic…

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Where they teach business: formats and programs of business education with the comments of graduates
I analyzed the proposals of business schools, universities, centers of continuing education, online platforms and programs for supporting small businesses. Then she identified 8 ways to get the skills, knowledge…

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speed of working

“You are a marketer, I trust you” – how the business wanted to enter a new market, but in the end lost the website and money

Trusting people is good. But if you have a business, do not do it better. The article describes the real story of how a gullible businessman made a number of mistakes that cost him dearly:

I designed the site and social networks for another person, because of which I had to create everything anew.
I did not conclude a contract with specialists, ran into a fraudster, lost money.
I did not want to help the marketer in the work on the project – I leaked money and delayed the deadlines for the project.
I did not prepare the sales department to launch a new service – I lost customers.
This article will be useful for businessmen who are promoting on the Internet or want to do it.

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Freelancer path: what awaits those who have started working remotely

I have been a freelancer for almost 4 years. Every day I go to social networks and see a bunch of advertising webinars and free courses on the delights of remote work. It is assumed that thanks to them I will start to earn a lot of money through the Internet and leave for wintering in Bali.

Of the pitfalls and difficulties in this advertisement, of course, not a word. So I decided to talk about them myself. More precisely, to show by the example of the fictional, but quite realistic Vasya, what lies ahead for those who have seriously decided to become a freelancer from scratch and without experience.

So, Vasya. He recently got his first job. Six months later, I realized that a short vacation twice a year, a salary of 30 thousand and a working day from 9 to 18 are not quite what he wants.

After a week of surfing the Internet, for “how else to make money,” Vasya finds a free webinar on remote work. He is led by a guy who lives in Thailand and sets up Instagram ads. This allows him to visit 20 countries per year and not deny himself anything. At least that’s what he says. Continue reading

How to Turn Problems into Solutions: Flip-to-Action Method

What do marketers, product designers, business owners, and editors have in common? They all work with problems and test hypotheses to resolve them. However, there are times when professionals concentrate so deeply on problems that they stop thinking about opportunities.

Marginality is falling, readers are massively unsubscribing from the newsletter, no one knows about the new features of the application – such situations can really be confusing. And then the Flip-to-Action method comes into play.

The method was created by Danish product designer Jesper Henriksen. Initially, it was intended for the development of the Customer Journey Map, but it turned out to be workable in other situations. The scheme is based on reframing a problem, generating an idea, and creating a solution sketch.

Of course, there are times when ideas are generated in a continuous stream without special methods or outside help. But what to do when this does not happen? Howl at the moon? Not worth it. Better try Flip-to-Action! Continue reading

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