Do you have a Web site? Let him earn passive income over a long period. Be prepared to conduct regular maintenance and content updates. Does the previous owner invest in…

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If you are the owner of a site with thematic content, and even get constant traffic, then your time has come and it's time to get money for your efforts.…

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“You are a marketer, I trust you” - how the business wanted to enter a new market, but in the end lost the website and money
Trusting people is good. But if you have a business, do not do it better. The article describes the real story of how a gullible businessman made a number of…

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something is wrong

“Hack” procrastination: how do I do work that I don’t want to do

We think we are sentient beings. We even believe that we have a certain “I” that has constant and unchanging qualities. Allegedly, today we are “I”, yesterday they were, tomorrow we will also be “I”.

This fundamental error becomes clear when we are faced with procrastination. In a striking way, at the moment when you need to show your “constant qualities” and begin the necessary work, we turn into unreasonable children, ready to be distracted by anything, just not to get down to business.

To choose keywords, write a post for social networks, draw up a content plan, prepare a tax return on time – these are tasks that our brain understands, and we even have the skill to solve them. But we are ready to fail the deadlines for no reason, and then scared to wonder – why did we do this?

Deadline ringing a bell
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How to Turn Problems into Solutions: Flip-to-Action Method

What do marketers, product designers, business owners, and editors have in common? They all work with problems and test hypotheses to resolve them. However, there are times when professionals concentrate so deeply on problems that they stop thinking about opportunities.

Marginality is falling, readers are massively unsubscribing from the newsletter, no one knows about the new features of the application – such situations can really be confusing. And then the Flip-to-Action method comes into play.

The method was created by Danish product designer Jesper Henriksen. Initially, it was intended for the development of the Customer Journey Map, but it turned out to be workable in other situations. The scheme is based on reframing a problem, generating an idea, and creating a solution sketch.

Of course, there are times when ideas are generated in a continuous stream without special methods or outside help. But what to do when this does not happen? Howl at the moon? Not worth it. Better try Flip-to-Action! Continue reading

Business inside the business: personal projects of employees threaten the company (no)

I think my case is not the only one. In our country, it is customary to crush the initiative of employees. Still – what if he profits from the company’s resources, and even grows into a competitor? Of course, situations when an employee leaves, taking with him a dozen customers, and opens his competitive business, do happen. But are personal projects of employees really so dangerous? Let’s get it right.

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To prohibit is useless
If a person so wants to launch his project that this desire does not let go, no prohibitions will stop. Continue reading

10 reasons why the boss is to blame for the laziness and curvature of employees
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Advertising is heartless. But how to love your neighbor and make money on it?
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