How marketers humiliate consumers: what to do with a lack of professional ethics?
“Warm customer”, “customer touch”, “building a sales funnel”, “landing page” - we use these terms every day. And we don’t think about doing it publicly, but an attentive consumer sees…

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We offer you a rabbit breeding business. The concept of rabbit breeding is quite obvious. The consumer’s great interest in rabbit meat is of interest to the producer, who begins…

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Growing roses in a greenhouse as a business idea has worked well. Roses are always sold regardless of the season, all year round. The first buds appear after 25-30 days,…

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99 ideas of Internet business: from the sale of china phones to the organization of partings

Ideas are much harder to implement than generate. Instead of pondering over years what business to do, it is better to spend time on a business plan and building a workflow. And to understand what business to undertake, this article will help you. Choose a heading for your interests and competencies, find ideas and bring to life!

Just keep in mind: even the best product will not promote itself. To get maximum results on traffic to the site, conversions, leads and sales, you need a comprehensive business promotion.

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Over the past year, more than 35% of Russians shopped online, and these numbers are only growing. Open an online store and sell those products that are well versed in. You can do this on your website, sell through the landing page, even just through social networks. Or use third-party services – Avito, Ebay, Amazon and others. Continue reading

Freelancer path: what awaits those who have started working remotely

I have been a freelancer for almost 4 years. Every day I go to social networks and see a bunch of advertising webinars and free courses on the delights of remote work. It is assumed that thanks to them I will start to earn a lot of money through the Internet and leave for wintering in Bali.

Of the pitfalls and difficulties in this advertisement, of course, not a word. So I decided to talk about them myself. More precisely, to show by the example of the fictional, but quite realistic Vasya, what lies ahead for those who have seriously decided to become a freelancer from scratch and without experience.

So, Vasya. He recently got his first job. Six months later, I realized that a short vacation twice a year, a salary of 30 thousand and a working day from 9 to 18 are not quite what he wants.

After a week of surfing the Internet, for “how else to make money,” Vasya finds a free webinar on remote work. He is led by a guy who lives in Thailand and sets up Instagram ads. This allows him to visit 20 countries per year and not deny himself anything. At least that’s what he says. Continue reading

Professional burnout or career dead end? How to distinguish and cure

“You are probably wondering why I gathered you?”

So my boss said every Monday at a very ordinary meeting. “What stupidity,” I thought distantly, “we know that now you will get to the bottom of everyone in the room.” How I hate you, that guy on the left and the client for whom you have to make excuses. ”

In the evening, I scold myself for these thoughts. The leader should not say so if he wants to become … Stop. And who should I become in this company? There is no higher position, it is impossible to jump to another profession: I have too much specific knowledge that is not suitable to become a director of a company. And in general, at least someone outside the “native” organization. Continue reading

What if you are 40-50, the profession is outdated, it is difficult to work? We go to the "figure"
The scale of the quiet drama that is being played out on the Russian labor market is still very few people realize. Unless high-end recruiters and analysts. But it’s directly,…


Mistakes in finances that put a business at risk
Here the entrepreneur opened a business. Developed a product in demand, conducted market research, found its target audience. He went through packaging courses and made a cool website, hired cool…


Today, quite a few people use new recipes and are engaged in the production of natural soap from a soap base at home and at the same time, some of…


Advertising is heartless. But how to love your neighbor and make money on it?
I have a dream. I would like for creative creators to take science seriously. And so that for perfectly rational reasons, the word “hype” in a professional “digital” environment becomes…