Mistakes in finances that put a business at risk
Here the entrepreneur opened a business. Developed a product in demand, conducted market research, found its target audience. He went through packaging courses and made a cool website, hired cool…

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buy instagram followers
Churn is the basis of the business idea of ​​producing sunflower oil even today, with the right approach, it is of interest from the point of view of investment. Many…

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Currency of social networks. The role of "likes" according to science: a guide for marketers and just "daffodils"
Today, any user of social networks is his own marketer. He can promote himself in VK or Inst as a tough fisherman or the best wife in the world. He…

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Freelancer path: what awaits those who have started working remotely

I have been a freelancer for almost 4 years. Every day I go to social networks and see a bunch of advertising webinars and free courses on the delights of remote work. It is assumed that thanks to them I will start to earn a lot of money through the Internet and leave for wintering in Bali.

Of the pitfalls and difficulties in this advertisement, of course, not a word. So I decided to talk about them myself. More precisely, to show by the example of the fictional, but quite realistic Vasya, what lies ahead for those who have seriously decided to become a freelancer from scratch and without experience.

So, Vasya. He recently got his first job. Six months later, I realized that a short vacation twice a year, a salary of 30 thousand and a working day from 9 to 18 are not quite what he wants.

After a week of surfing the Internet, for “how else to make money,” Vasya finds a free webinar on remote work. He is led by a guy who lives in Thailand and sets up Instagram ads. This allows him to visit 20 countries per year and not deny himself anything. At least that’s what he says. Continue reading

Personal story: how a copywriter lives and works with an income of 150,000 rubles

Today we will have an unusual format. A copywriter who earns 150,000 rubles a month tells about his daily routine, incomes and vacations. Moreover, he works alone, without his agency or a team of other authors in submission. But in 5-7 projects at the same time. The material contains valuable observations and useful tips for freelancers.

Hello friends! This article is unlikely to attract your attention, if we were to change the copywriter to a designer, marketer or programmer. They have such a level of income is much more common and not at all surprising.

But it’s a shame for my writing fraternity, because the rate of 30 rubles for 1,000 characters is still often found. On the other hand, the majority of “business writers” produce such a weak product that it is not worth even three chervonets. But I am sure that there are few of them, so I will try to help good authors raise the bar of their income. Continue reading

What freelancers need to know about self-employment

Working in the shade for a digital sphere freelancer is a common thing. If the tax authorities come and check, then to a neighbor who bakes cakes or makes nails, and not to an unknown copywriter, targetologist, UX-designer or SMM-box. It is also necessary to find it on the Internet, and who will contact this? But that was before.

Now banks are more sensitive to money transfers so as not to indulge in corruption, shadow income and the financing of terrorism. The robot automatically checks private payments and at any time can block the card to determine where the money came from. Only the freelancer who works legally can explain.

I got into an uncomfortable situation a few years ago when my WebMoney wallet was blocked. Technical support asked me for documents confirming the source of funds. What could I provide them if I worked with some webmaster directly without a contract? The wallet was not unlocked, the money – five thousand rubles – was not returned.
There is a risk that a competitor, a dissatisfied customer or just an envious person will file a complaint about illegal business activities. Continue reading

Growing roses in a greenhouse as a business idea has worked well. Roses are always sold regardless of the season, all year round. The first buds appear after 25-30 days,…


“Hack” procrastination: how do I do work that I don’t want to do
We think we are sentient beings. We even believe that we have a certain “I” that has constant and unchanging qualities. Allegedly, today we are "I", yesterday they were, tomorrow…


The Internet is a fascinating world of business ideas. This is not only a virtual world that serves as a repository of information and communication, but also opens up opportunities…


Where they teach business: formats and programs of business education with the comments of graduates
I analyzed the proposals of business schools, universities, centers of continuing education, online platforms and programs for supporting small businesses. Then she identified 8 ways to get the skills, knowledge…