Today, quite a few people use new recipes and are engaged in the production of natural soap from a soap base at home and at the same time, some of…

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Do you have a Web site? Let him earn passive income over a long period. Be prepared to conduct regular maintenance and content updates. Does the previous owner invest in…

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Production of quail eggs in bulk at home
A very simple and effective business idea is offered to your attention: the production of quail eggs and the cultivation of Japanese domesticated quails for meat. With the appropriate number…

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Here we can consider

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Football is everyone’s favorite, useful, interesting game. Paid field for mini-football is a rather promising business idea, but in the presence of start-up capital. To open this kind of business you need:
land (the size of the parameters for the field for mini-football);
necessary sports facilities and equipment (gates, changing rooms, showers, small stands if desired).
A healthy lifestyle is always relevant for everyone. Carry out an experiment – on social networks interview all your friends who are ready to run on a good paid field for indoor soccer. I am sure that even girls will be among those who wish. For a modest fee, even if $ 3 for three hours, there are always and everywhere who want to play football. Better than spending money on beer, improving your health with football. For you, as for a landlord of a paid mini-field, this is not at all a modest fee. In football, the team has 11 people. Two teams per hour of the game will bring you $ 22. Every weekend two three matches is already a substantial income per month. In addition, you can earn on weekdays. If you make a small advertisement for a paid football field, you can get customers every day. Together with the paid field, you can additionally receive income from the rental of space for banners of advertisers, sports brands. Continue reading


To grow feathers of onions, lettuce, dill, parsley and other greens in a greenhouse today is a fairly promising occupation and how a profitable business justifies itself completely. What could be better and more useful than homemade, fresh, environmentally friendly greens? Greens is a fairly popular type of product. Especially in certain periods of the seasons. It can be frozen for long-term storage. It is relevant in markets and supermarkets all year round. In addition, all greens are not whimsical to greenhouse cultivation. Earth, water, and a little light of the sun and heat (+19) are all the main components of the conditions for growing. It has many useful properties. According to nutritionists, a modern person consumes less than the daily allowance of green, and the reason is the lack of green in the winter. An interesting fact is that until the mid-90s, greens were practically not grown industrially. Greens were supplied to the market by those who were engaged in its cultivation at home. In other matters, in recent years the situation has begun to change for the better because healthy food is becoming more and more popular every day. Nevertheless, even in the largest greenhouse farms, profitability reaches 100 percent. Continue reading

Where they teach business: formats and programs of business education with the comments of graduates

I analyzed the proposals of business schools, universities, centers of continuing education, online platforms and programs for supporting small businesses. Then she identified 8 ways to get the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary to launch, develop and increase the effectiveness of her business.

Features, programs, prices – in this article.

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When you need comprehensive training
MBA programs
An MBA is considered a prestigious degree in the business community. However, for the sake of “status”, mostly hired workers study – top management and those who seek to grow up to it. Entrepreneurs and business owners go for experience, knowledge and networking. Continue reading

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How to start telling consumers the truth and not go broke
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Football is everyone’s favorite, useful, interesting game. Paid field for mini-football is a rather promising business idea, but in the presence of start-up capital. To open this kind of business…


Professional burnout or career dead end? How to distinguish and cure
“You are probably wondering why I gathered you?” So my boss said every Monday at a very ordinary meeting. “What stupidity,” I thought distantly, “we know that now you will…


Non-human capitalism: the client-performer hierarchy dies
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