In February 2012, the domain name - was sold, the cost of the domain name was already $ 9,500, according to the website - the site of domain…

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Growth Hacking: How to Grow a Company More Than Twice Every Year
The topic of growth has always been important for business. If we remove the effect of a fashionable theme, then the focus on growth is a trend. In digital, even…

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Football is everyone’s favorite, useful, interesting game. Paid field for mini-football is a rather promising business idea, but in the presence of start-up capital. To open this kind of business…

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Growing roses in a greenhouse as a business idea has worked well. Roses are always sold regardless of the season, all year round. The first buds appear after 25-30 days, after planting. Moreover, the profitability of growing flowers reaches 300%. The yield of roses with proper care can reach up to 10 kg of green mass per square meter per year. The main thing is to establish a sales market. It is not in vain that flower growing occupies an honorable place among the most profitable agricultural activities. Speaking of growing roses in a greenhouse, it is necessary to focus on several key points. First point: you need a tall greenhouse. A greenhouse in compliance with all extremely important conditions for the growth of roses. Growing roses requires a favorable greenhouse microclimate. It must match the following parameters:

correct temperature conditions;
the necessary level of humidity and drip irrigation;
high-quality fertilizer for soil;
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The business idea of ​​a home mini-bakery is very attractive from many angles. On the one hand, there is a high demand for manufactured products. Demand for food will always be, especially for popular ones, such as: bread, long loafs, pastries, sweet confectionery. This is an undeniable question. On the other hand, a home mini-bakery attracts high profitability of the business. It’s not a secret to anyone that having spent:

Dashboard for controlling electricity and gas costs in a mini-bakery.
Free dashboard template in Excel with visualization of electricity and gas consumption data at a mini-bakery. The dashboard also includes reports for visual analysis of indicators: energy load on equipment, general financial expenses with the possibility of comparison with previous periods, as well as a heat map of the premises. The dashboard in Excel as a visual report is the perfect complement for the presentation and analysis of the business plan of the mini-bakery.
1 kg. flour (worth $ 0.4);
4 eggs (priced at $ 0.6); Continue reading

Production of quail eggs in bulk at home

A very simple and effective business idea is offered to your attention: the production of quail eggs and the cultivation of Japanese domesticated quails for meat. With the appropriate number of quails, the benefits of production are obvious. Quail will not only feed your family with eggs and healthy meat, but will also begin to generate a steady income. In order to accommodate quail cages in production, it will not take many areas. The size of one cage (120 x 60 x 180 cm), in which you can hold up to 100 quail hens of layers. You will need an area of ​​only 0.72 squares. This place is enough to organize a mini-farm in the annex of a private house. Even a balcony in a city apartment can become your production. If you count, then on average per month, one quail will lay 15 to 20 eggs, weighing one egg 11-12 grams. At the same time, a quail eats 30-40 grams of feed per day. This means that for a month for 100 quails about 120 kg of feed will be required, for this quail you will lay 1000-1500 eggs. The interest in quail eggs is growing consumer interest every day. I think it will not be difficult to calculate the economic efficiency depending on the market price of feed and quail eggs in your city. Since everyone knows many facts about quail eggs and the benefits they bring, then the implementation will be effective. In addition to quail eggs, add another one of the same farm for a hundred quails, to produce healthy delicacy – quail meat. Moreover, the quail is ready for slaughter at the age of 2.5 months. Thus, it is possible to expand the range of products in production. Continue reading

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Production of quail eggs in bulk at home
A very simple and effective business idea is offered to your attention: the production of quail eggs and the cultivation of Japanese domesticated quails for meat. With the appropriate number…


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