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Consulting For Churches

DeWitt & Associates, Inc. uses a proven approach based on years of successful development experience in working with churches and other religious organizations.

We focus attention on the essential aspects of productive fundraising in analyzing the church’s current program and providing the level of assistance needed to achieve fundraising goals.

DeWitt & Associates, Inc. offers a full range of services to meet each church client’s needs. Among them are:

  • Capital campaign planning and counsel
  • Campaign readiness studies
  • Strategic planning that builds ownership of church goals
  • Improving/beginning annual stewardship programs
  • Increasing the effectiveness of marketing and communications
  • Board workshops and retreats
  • Staff and volunteer training


The consultant serving your church should be compatible with your congregation’s expectations and personality. While development principles can be applied with success in every type of church, the consultant should appreciate and respect the faith traditions and ideas that are unique to each. DeWitt & Associates understands the importance of the right “fit” between the consultant and key persons within your congregation for recommendations to be accepted and carried out.

We encourage the church leadership to ask questions of the consultant and of client references that will reveal the style of our firm and the person with whom you would be working. We believe you will be pleased with what you learn.

Please check here for a copy of the booklet: “Planning, Funding, and Building Your Church Project .”